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Vancouver Hiking

My Mission Statement !

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and  well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming 'WOW What a Ride !


Kayaking up Indian Arm

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A bit about me.

I was born in Lethbridge Alberta and also spent some time in Calgary.
My grandfather used to tell me tales of his exploits in the backcountry and was a true pioneer in Southern Alberta. Also at the same time (living in my grandparents Rooming House) was a retired fellow that was with the R.C.M.P. only they didn’t call it that back then. He told me he was in the North West Mounted Police.
With these two filling my head with stories of adventure, I couldn’t wait to have some of my own.

We moved to the Coast when I was 12. We lived in Surrey for a few years while it was still rural, and then moved to Burnaby where I basically grew up.
My parent’s idea of camping was to book a cabin at Banff & my dad hiked from the house to the car, so I had to wait until I had wheels of my own before hitting the hills.
Thinking back, in between fast cars, bikes, boats, I always managed to find time for a hike in the woods.

I work for the largest soft drink manufacturer in the world as a Millwright & Power Engineer. The job is fast paced and at time extremely stressful, so I find welcome relief in the warm embrace of the mountains. Being outdoors for me feels like my second home.
 Other interests are , computers , mountain biking , in-line skating, cooking , photography ( S.L.R. & digital) , reading --- when time allows , puttering in my flowers , I also  fell in love with kayaking about 2 years ago :)

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 Here is a partial list of trails & walks done;


Admiralty Point Trail                2.5km gain 100m
Alouette Mountain                    22km gain 1100m 
Angels landing                          8km   gain 453m
Berg Lake (Robson)  20.2km     gain 790m
Brandywine Meadows                 6km   gain 550m
Bright Angel Trail   15.2km     gain/loss 776m
Buntzen Lake Trail                     8km gain 100m
Campbell Lake                           9km gain 700m
Cheam Peak                               9.5km     gain 665m
Cypress Falls                              6km gain 130m
Diez Vistas                                13km gain 455m
Dog Mountain                            6km gain   min.
Elfin Lakes                                22km gain 620m
Elk Mt.                                       8km gain 800m
Garibaldi Lake                          18.5km     gain 918m
Goat Mountain                           8km gain 275m
Gold Creek Falls                         2.7km     gain  160m
Golden Ears                               24km gain 1500m
Greendrop Lake                         13.5km    gain 580m
Hayward Lake                            10km gain 50m
High Falls Creek                         12km gain 640m
Hollyburn Peak                            8km gain 440 m
Hoover Lake                                3.7km    gain 250m
Horsemans Beach                        5km gain 200m
Iceline Trail (Yoho) 26.5km gain 700m
Idaho Peak                                14km gain  2280m
Joffre Lakes                              11km gain 366m
Jug Island                                   2km gain 100m
Kokannee Lake                          4.5km      gain 455m
Lighthouse Park                         6km gain 50m
Lynn Headwaters                      18km gain 230m
Lynn Peak                                10km gain 760m
Mount Seymour                         9km gain 450m
Mount Strachan                       10km gain 538m
Norvan Falls                             14km gain 300m
Observation Point (Zion)          12.8km      gain 648m
Othello Tunnels                          5.5km      gain 200m
Outback Trail                           10km gain 275m
Pyramid Mountain Trail           15km         gain 1095m
Rail Road Grade Trail ( Mt. Baker) 10.4km gain 487m
Rainbow Lake 16km gain 825m
Stawamus Chief                        11km gain 650m
Sulfur Mountain                       12km         gain 698m
Teapot Hill                                 5km gain 250m
The Lions                                 15km gain 1280m
Three Brothers Peak                 21km         gain  320m
West Coast Trail  76km gain 300m
Windy Joe Mountain                15km gain 525m

On my way up to The Lions.


Who says you have to be smelly on the trail. There are always places to shower :)


Vancouver Hiking