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Vancouver Hiking

Golden Ears Park

Golden Ears - Distance : 24 km. Elevation gain : 1500 m. high point : 1706 m. Time : 11-14 hrs. This trail will test your resolve and endurance . It is best to make this an ove rnight hike . The approach starts on the West Canyon Trail in Golden Ears Park . Do not leave any valuables in your car at the parking lot . It is patrolled but it is a prime spot for break-ins . The West Canyon is a good warm up and for themost part is level . You will be in the forest all the way to Alder Flats , so this will keep you cool for the hard part .
Alder Flats is also your last place to obtain water . You will find an out house there and a few spots to camp or just take a break . The next water is at the permanent snow field near the summit . When you leave Alder Flats stay on the old logging cut , just above the flats , untill you see a dry creek bed on your right . Travel up the creek bed I found , was the hardest part . As you start to hit a number of switch backs you will climb out of the tree line . The views improve & help to take your mind off of the climb . Once at
Panorama Ridge there is a mountain shelter that holds about 8 people . We decided to make camp on one of the grassy tent sites . The snow field is 1/2 hr. from this point . Stay to the left (east side ) and make your way to the North Ear . " USE EXTREME CAUTION " Check snow conditions at the Park Ranger's office and read your guide books , four of which I will list below . If you do this hike you will be rewarded with a
fantastic view at the top . Rating 3 View 3

These two pictures of Panorama Ridge were taken from the air in early July.
We had a heavy snowfall in 2002 , but by August most of it was gone.



Lower Falls Trail - Distance : 2.7 km. Elevation gain : slight .Time : 1-1 1/2 hrs. This is a great trail to take those budding young hikes on . Kids just love to get wet at the base of the 10m. water fall . There is a beach
area half way to the falls which is a good spot for them to rest and load up on sugar . If you are looking for peace and quite Try this trip in the winter . Bring your camera for some pics. of the snow & ice on the falls .
You may even get to see a few deer if you're early in the morning . Rating 1 View 2


Upper falls Golden Ears Park: time 1 hrs elevation Gain 500m
The trail starts from the lower falls. Once you arrive at the lower falls continue up the trail to the 2nd look out for the lower falls. Directly across from the start of the fencing, on your right hand side there is a path that will take you straight up the hill side. Look very carefully for the pink tape blazes. After a few small switch backs you will see an old cedar log resting against the rock wall. Follow this narrow path around the rock bluff.
The whole time the lower falls will be below you and to your left. After 15 minuets, you
will come to a small look out over the upper falls. Continue going up and heading north up the valley. Stay close to the rocks and you should see an old hand rail going around the corner of the wall use caution here if it is wet. There is a tree growing in the middle of the path that you have to get by so be sure of your footing. A small rise will be ahead of you with a trail branching off & up, this will take you to link up with the east canyon trail. Look for a small cedar tree with a bit of tape marked - falls. Descend the trail to your left, toward the canyon. There is a small view point over looking the falls but don’t get to close to the edge. If you want to get a closer look there is a steep trail with handholds that will take you to the base of the falls. The trail is just to the right side of the viewpoint.
I do not recommend this trip for beginners there is some scrambling involved over roots, damp planks, and rocks. One slip at the wrong place could lead to a very serious injury or your death. Use caution, and be sure of your footing.


Horseman's Beach : Distance 5 km. Time 1 1/2 hrs. Elevation 320 m. Elevation gain : Slight . Take the East Canyon trail for a quick get away from the crowds . This pleasent spot has limited camping but the views are wonderful.Park at the lower falls parking lot and go up by the horse stables . The trail starts on the right hand side . It is steep but only for a short time . You come apon an old logging road and follow this up the valley .Look for an out house and a mock-up of an old indian tee pee . The trail branches off to the left . If you find too many people here continue up the trail for another 1 km. for a second beach . Rating 1 View 2 ---- Posted June 1/01
* Note - The bottom picture is of the back side of Golden Ears Peak . This trail also makes for a wonderful ride on your mountain bike .After Horseman's beach the trail turns into single track for another 5 km. *


Vancouver Hiking