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Vancouver Hiking


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Coquitlam Hikes

Just east of downtown Vancouver lays a wonderful area to explore.Location : Coquitlam's North Shore

Belcarra Park

Jug Island Beach Trail . Distance 2 km. Elevation Gain 100m . Time 2hrs. This is a pleasent little walk on a fall day . The trail starts to the right side of the covered cooking area near the parking lot. The first 15 min. is a slow jog up hill and within another 10 min . you arrive at a lookout near a power house . From the power house the trail changes to a 12% grade for 45m. before heading back down hill to the beach . Staircases will take you up & down some of the steeper sections so it should be easy for the kids if you bring them . Also in the area , starting on the south side of the parking lot is the Admiralty Point Trail . This follows the rocky coastline of Burrard Inlet to Burns point .Again here you will need 2-2 1/2 hrs return .
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Diez Vistas

Diez Vistas Trail - Distance : 13 km. Elevation gain : 440 m. High point : 560 m. Time : 5-6 hrs. To find this trail drive to Buntzen Lake just north of Port Moody . The trail starts at the south end of the last parking lot . I found the trail markings could have been better as there is a number of trails in this area . Pay close attention to the signs and you should be okay . Follow the trail across a wooden bridge at the south end of the lake and go up a small rise . After 1/2 hr. there is a power line cut . Go left on this and you will
pick up the trail again . You will see an old water pipe running along the cut and the trail
is marked by pink tape . The steepest part of the trail is at this end . After going back and forth on what appears to be endless switchbacks , you'll come to the first little look out , time to this point is about 1 1/4 hrs. This is not one of the official viewpoints but the sights are wonderful . Diez Vistas means ten views but I found only four were worth the time . Once you leave the little viewpoint it is 15 min. to the top of the ridge . From here the rest of the viewpoints are within reach . On a sunny day Burnaby , Deep Cove ,
Bedwell Bay , Belcarra , and Vancouver are down below you . If the haze is not too bad you can see Vancouver Island in the background . Viewpoint # 8 has a great view up Indian Arm . If you have the time continue across the ridge to viewpoint # 10 and then the trail starts to come down towards the north end of Buntzen Lake . The trail will bring you out to the Lake Shore Trail , follow this back to the parking lot . I found the best part of this hike were the viewpoints . The trip across the ridge is nice but it makes for a long walk on a hot day . I suggest you start early , bring your bar-b-que , and have a picnic on the beach after you finish your hike . The perfect end to a perfect day . Rating 2 View 3