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Vancouver Hiking


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Fitness for the hiker & backpacker

Exercise for Hikers : Too many hikers have the " T - Rex " attitude . I need big
legs to hike . They spend hours and hours on treadmills , stair climbers , and
exercise bikes . To enjoy our sport you do need the above , but more important is
your overall fitness level .I would suggest that you also work your back , chest ,
shoulders , arms , and abdominals . For your Legs: work the -----------------
Glutes , Quads , Hamstrings , and Calves . Strengthening your lower body
musceles is a good way to preserve your hip , knee , and ankle joints . The local
gym or any fitness book will explain how you can work these . I suggest getting
some info before you strart . Exercises :
leg Extentions
Leg Curl
Machine Calf Raise.
Standing one leg barbell curls...or use dumbells ( good for balance & core strength )
Back : Machine Row Back
Chest :
Push-up Dumbbell Chest Press
Shoulders Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Back Delt Fly
Arms :
Tricep Pushdown Dumbbell Bicep Curl
Basic Abdominal Crunch Side
This is not;
a fitness page so I will not go into great detail I'll leave that up to you . Learn
some proper stretches , this is really important in the prevention of injuries .
Slowly work on firming up those musceles , you don't need huge amounts of
weight when you first start out , just enough to challange them . I find a light
work out three times a week will pay off when it comes to climbing one of those
endless hills .After all the more enegry you have the farther you can go .