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Vancouver Hiking


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Mount Strachan

Location:Cypress Bowl-Vancouver's North Shore

I was a bit pushed for time on this hike so I decided not to follow the books and go my own way .Start by going up beside the Quad Chair. This is the first chairlift you see after you leave the north end pf the parking lot . Stay to the right side of the lift . In 10 - 15 min. you will find a service road . Turn left on this road and follow it untill you see the main ski slope ( a scree up to your right side ) you can't miss the lights on the posts . It's a bit of a scramble up the slope towards the chairlift but there is a little pond or the landing up top for a well deserved water break . This should take you about 1 hour . There is a nice view from here but better ones await you . Decend the road and follow it right up to the top of the South Peak . The road dead ends and you pick up the trail just a few feet to the right . Cross the backside of the peak and enjoy the views of Howe Sound below you . Keep heading east and you soon see the trail decending into a gully . Watch you footing here , there are a few muddy sections and due to the steepness of the trail the last thing you want to do is trip and fall . From the bottom of the gully one wonders , where and how long it will take you to get up to the North Peak . The trail is narrow but well marked and yes , it is just as steep as it appears but it will not take you long . I had a sixty year old lady behind me , and I mean " Right behind me " . The top of the North Peak , in total , from the parking lot should take you 2 hours . Not bad if you remember you are up 4770 feet . You will be rewarded with a 360 degree view . Look for a small bronze spike
in the rocks at the top . This marks the summit .
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