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Vancouver Hiking


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Outback Trail

Outback Trail : Distance 10km. Elevation : 2,134m. Elevation gain: 275m. Time : 4-5 hrs. If the elevation gain looks strange to you it is because you start this trail at the Rendezvous Lodge on Blackcomb Mountain. Take the Wizard Express ( at Blackcomb Village ) all the way to the Solar Coaster Lift . This will get you to the 1860m. level and into the alpine . It is well worth the ride and you save your energy for what lies ahead . When you reach the lodge go straight up the hill and to your right . There is a wide path that will take you to the Fitzsimmons Meadow Walk . Stay on this trail untill you come to a fork and follow the signs to the Lower Lakeside Trail . Most day hikers and sightseers will turn back at this point so the crowds will start to thin . Follow the lower trail untill you see the sign for the Outback Trail . The views along this trail are marvelous . On a quite days there is a good selection of wildlife to see . Marmots, ptarmigans, bear, deer, pikas, all inhabit the area. There is a fairly good camping spot, with water, at Decker Carin. This is just around the east side of Blackcomb Peak and makes a good base camp for exploring. You can scramble up the rocks to Decker Mountain or climb a ridge east of here to get views of Overlord Glacier & the valleys below. Below and to the west is Whistler Peak, and on a clear day you can see Black Tusk in the distance.** For something special, plan your overnight stay on the night of a full moon . I lucked out on this and the moon light on the surrounding glaciers was breathtaking .** After breakfast climb up to the Overlord Lookout . This is a great place to stop for a snack and from here the trip back is all down hill . The trip down the Overlord summit trail is steep so take your time , be careful, & have pity on those who are climbing up . If you have lots of energy you can branch off to the Upper Lakeside Trail. This will bring you back to the Fitzsimmons Trail,just under the 7th. Heaven Skyride. From here it's a short walk back to the Rendezvous Lodge & " Cold Beer ". Getting to the alpine was never so easy. One note to remember,it gets cold up there at night. So pack warm clothes for sleeping . It is also a good idea to check in with the ski patrol ( they are there year round ) and let them know you will be going into the back country . If you must ,cell phones will work here as well . Rating 2 1/2 View 3+